Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)


3 Months Ended
Mar. 28, 2021
Leases [Abstract]  
Leases Leases
The Company determines if a contract contains a lease at inception. The Company's material long-term operating lease agreements are for the land and buildings for our restaurants as well as our corporate offices. The lease term begins on the date that the Company takes possession under the lease, including the pre-opening period during construction, when in many cases the Company is not making rent payments. The initial lease terms range from 10 years to 15 years, most of which include renewal options totaling 10 to 15 years. The lease term is generally the minimum of the noncancelable period or the lease term including renewal options which are reasonably certain of being exercised up to a term of approximately 20 years.
Operating lease assets and liabilities are recognized at the lease commencement date for material leases with a term of greater than 12 months. Operating lease liabilities represent the present value of future minimum lease payments. Since our leases do not provide an implicit rate, our operating lease liabilities are calculated using the Company's secured incremental borrowing rate at lease commencement. We estimate this rate based on prevailing financial market conditions, comparable companies, credit analysis and management judgment. Minimum lease payments include only fixed lease components of the agreement, as well as variable rate payments that depend on an index, initially measured using the index at the lease commencement date.
Operating lease assets represent our right to use an underlying asset and are based upon the operating lease liabilities adjusted for prepaid or accrued lease payments, initial direct costs and lease incentives. Lease incentives are recognized when construction milestones are met and reduce our operating lease asset. They are amortized through the operating lease assets as reductions of rent expense over the lease term.
Operating lease expense is recognized on a straight-line basis over the lease term. Variable lease payments that do not depend on a rate or index, escalation in the index subsequent to the initial measurement, payments associated with non-lease components such as common area maintenance, real estate taxes and insurance, and short-term lease payments (leases with a term with 12 months or less) are expensed as incurred. Certain of the Company’s operating leases contain clauses that provide for contingent rent based on a percentage of sales greater than certain specified target amounts. These variable payments are expensed when the achievement of the specified target that triggers the contingent rent is considered probable. As of March 28, 2021, all of the Company's leases were operating.
Components of operating lease costs are included in occupancy, closed restaurant costs, restaurant pre-opening, general and administrative expense and property and equipment, net:
Thirteen Weeks Ended
Lease cost March 28, 2021 March 29, 2020
Operating lease cost (a)
$ 6,385  $ 6,593 
Variable lease cost 236  123 
$ 6,621  $ 6,716 
(a) Includes short-term operating lease costs which are immaterial.
Supplemental cash flow disclosures for the thirteen weeks ended March 28, 2021 and March 29, 2020, respectively:
Thirteen Weeks Ended
March 28, 2021 March 29, 2020
Cash paid for operating lease liabilities $ 7,130  $ 6,616 
Operating lease assets obtained in exchange for operating lease liabilities (a) (105) (923)
(a) The thirteen weeks ended March 28, 2021 includes a $3.1 million decrease to operating lease assets and liabilities related to the termination of two closed restaurant leases, partially offset by a $3.0 million increase mainly due to extending remaining lives of certain leases. The thirteen weeks ended March 29, 2020 includes a $6.6 million reduction to the operating lease assets and liabilities as a result of shortening the remaining life of certain leases partially offset by a $5.7 million increase related to new lease commencements.
The Company recorded no deferred lease incentives during the thirteen weeks ended March 28, 2021 and $0.2 million during the thirteen weeks ended March 29, 2020.
Supplemental balance sheet and other lease disclosures:
Operating leases Classification March 28, 2021 December 27, 2020
Right-of-use assets Operating lease assets $ 156,597  $ 159,156 
Deferred rent payments Operating lease liability 1,795  2,169 
Current lease liabilities Operating lease liability 12,161  12,397 
13,956  14,566 
Deferred rent payments Operating lease liability, less current portion 427  746 
Non-current lease liabilities Operating lease liability, less current portion 202,529  206,855 
202,956  207,601 
Total lease liabilities $ 216,912  $ 222,167 
Weighted average remaining lease term (in years) 13.6 13.8
Weighted average discount rate 7.8  % 7.9  %
Future minimum rent payments for our operating leases for the next five years as of March 28, 2021 are as follows:
Fiscal year ending:
Remainder of 2021 $ 22,869 
2022 28,687 
2023 28,182 
2024 26,928 
2025 26,478 
Thereafter 218,536 
Total minimum lease payments 351,680 
Less: imputed interest 134,768 
Present value of lease liabilities $ 216,912 
As of March 28, 2021, operating lease payments exclude approximately $2.1 million of legally binding minimum lease payments for leases signed but which we have not yet taken possession.