Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Long-Term Debt

Long-Term Debt
12 Months Ended
Dec. 29, 2013
Debt Disclosure [Abstract]  
Long-Term Debt
Revolving Credit Facility
On November 30, 2012, the Company entered into a $25.0 million Revolving Credit Facility with Wells Fargo Bank, National Association. On the same date, the Company repaid all debt outstanding under the Old Credit Facility using borrowings from the new Revolving Credit Facility. In connection with the repayment of debt outstanding under the Company's Old Credit Facility, the Old Credit Facility was terminated. As a result of the repayment of outstanding debt and the termination of the Old Credit Facility, the Company recorded a $1.7 million loss on extinguishment of debt to write off the unamortized loan origination fees. As of December 28, 2014 the Company had $8.8 million of outstanding indebtedness under the Company's new Revolving Credit Facility. The Company's Revolving Credit Facility will mature on November 30, 2017.
Under the Company's Revolving Credit Facility, the Company may request to increase the size of the Company's Revolving Credit Facility by up to $25.0 million, in minimum principal amounts of $5.0 million or the remaining amount of the $25.0 million if less than $5.0 million (the "Incremental Revolving Loan"), which Incremental Revolving Loan will be effective after 10 days written notice to the agent. In the event that any of the lenders fund the Incremental Revolving Loan, the terms and provisions of the Incremental Revolving Loan will be the same as under the Company's Revolving Credit Facility.
Borrowings under the Revolving Credit Facility generally bear interest at a variable rate based upon the Company's election, of (i) the base rate (which is the highest of prime rate, federal funds rate plus 0.5% or one month LIBOR) plus 1%, or (ii) LIBOR, plus, in either case, an applicable margin based on the Company's consolidated total lease adjusted leverage ratio (as defined in the Revolving Credit Facility agreement). The Company's Revolving Credit Facility also requires payment for commitment fees that accrue on the daily unused commitment of the lender at the applicable margin, which varies based on the Company's consolidated total lease adjusted leverage ratio. As of December 28, 2014 the Company's interest rate was 1.92%. The revolving line of credit also requires compliance with a fixed charge coverage ratio, a lease adjusted leverage ratio and certain non-financial covenants. The Revolving Credit Facility also places certain restrictions on the payment of dividends and distributions. Under the Revolving Credit Facility, Chuy's may declare and make dividend payments so long as (i) no default or event of default has occurred and is continuing or would result therefrom and (ii) immediately after giving effect to any such dividend payment, on a pro forma basis, the lease adjusted leverage ratio is at least .50 less than the ratio required to be maintained at such time.
As a result of entering into the Revolving Credit Facility, the Company paid loan origination costs of approximately $225,000 related to the Revolving Credit Facility, and will amortize these loan origination costs over the term of the credit agreement.
The obligations under the Company’s Revolving Credit Facility are secured by a first priority lien on substantially all of the Company’s assets.